Mar 25 2020

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For those travelers already thinking ahead to next year’s summer holidays they may want to consider the new year-round service that Air Canada will begin to offer at that time. Starting on June 16, 2016 the airline will offer direct flights between Trudeau airport and Lyon. . Read More

Hackers have been busy at work and as a result 10 LOT flights were forced to be grounded over this past weekend. . Read More

Allegiant Airlines suddenly canceled six flights on Thursday at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport. A statement was released saying that there were �operational needs� in the system causing the cancelations. . Read More

The U.S. has been taking quite a bit of interest in the activities in the South China Sea and CNN just filmed a US surveillance plane that flew over the area of interest. . Read More

Anyone trying to flight through Mumbai’s domestic airport this past Friday likely ran into a whole lot of delays, which translated into a day of chaos at the airport. . Read More

It seems as though passengers will have to look forward to even more scrutiny regarding carry-on baggage when traveling with Air Canada. . Read More

It seems as though people are sharing plenty of opinions online, mainly in the form of negative comments, regarding the Canadian couple who recently gave birth to a baby while on an Air Canada flight to Japan. . Read More

Before heading out to the airport for your next flight you may first want to download the AirHelp app that is designed to inform travelers of flight delays, cancellations, and flights that have been over-booked. . Read More

Beginning in the summer Canadian North and First Air will start to codeshare some of their routes. This means they will sell both cargo space and passenger seats on each other’s flights. . Read More

In spite of a court ruling from 2014 that ordered that passengers who reach their destination more than three hours late can claim �448 (US$698) per person plus expenses if the delay falls within the airline�s control, passengers are still having their claims turned down or delayed. . Read More

Fiumicino airport in Rome, the largest airport in Italy based on passenger traffic, was re-opened on Thursday after a fire that occurred overnight. . Read More

Puerto Rico is preparing to offer direct flights to Mexico for the first time in 15 years. . Read More

The new ERAM system (En Route Automation Modernization) by the Department of Transportation will be able to track twice as many flights as once. . Read More

Calbuco, a volcano in Chile, erupted with no warning signs on Wednesday, April 22 and continued to throw out smoke and ash through the weekend, which led to more evacuations and flight cancelations. . Read More

The southern Chilean Volcano Calbuca erupted without warning on Wednesday and continues to pour ash into the sky on Thursday. . Read More

While snow isn’t often a factor in Istanbul it seems as though it was playing quite the devil’s advocate with flights and travel in general this week. . Read More

It seems as though it�s back to business as usual at St. Anthony Airport according to a spokesperson at Navigation Canada. Read More

The FAA has made a proposal that will allow commercial drones permitted in U.S. airspace. Operators will have to pass a test on FAA rules to get a certificate for drone flying. . Read More

Instead of deciding you won’t be able to afford to go away on vacation this year why not take a look at when the best time is to buy your flight and save yourself some money. . Read More

The City of Toronto has issued an extreme cold weather alert for Monday and over 120 flights were canceled at Billy Bishop and Toronto Pearson airports. . Read More

The Fredericton International Airport has temporarily lost its Sunwing flights to Cuba. This year, the airline will use the Saint John airport rather than the Fredericton airport. Read More

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