Mar 24 2020

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Airfare Search Compare Flights

MATRIXFLIGHTS compares flights from travel and airline sites to help you find

cheap flights at best prices. online since 2012 and powered by world`s leading and awarded flight comparison metasearch engine software.

We search for flight prices on many different travel websites, from national airline companies, low cost airlines, online travel agencies and traditional travel agencies. Our search engine can search return, one-way and multi-city flight tickets.

Best airfare search

We wish to create an overview of the market’s supply, giving you the best value airfares in one single flight search. compare flight prices from many different companies in one search, in less than 30 seconds, a well organized list of results so you can easily compare and review prices to find the best one for you. generate the flights overview and you go directly to the airline company or the travel agency that offers the best flight airfare. This other website is where you book flight and pay for the flight ticket.

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About Us

Best airfare search

MATRIXFLIGHTS is a flight search comparison engine, we compare the prices from the most popular online travel agencies, from traditional airlines to low cost carriers. To find the cheapest deal, one just have to enter the point of origin, the destination and the travel period. After hitting the search button, you will get a list of results.

Don’t want to spend hours going back and forth between different travel websites to compare prices? We use advanced metasearch technology to find the best prices from hundreds of travel suppliers. Whether you are planning a weekend trip to the beach or travelling to another city for a work conference, is your one-stop website for search and compare flights from your computer or mobile phone.

MATRIXFLIGHTS makes it possible for you to take advantage of cheap airfares. Everyone have equal access to different flights to almost any part of the globe. flight search makes it possible for you to travel to various destinations all over the globe. Anyone can access MATRIXFLIGHTS while comfortably sitting on a couch. The search tool is so easy to use and it gives a list of all the available flights there is.

There is no reason why one should pay for an expensive travel ticket, if you can get the same at a lower price by searching at MATRIXFLIGHTS search engine provides a simple, yet fair solution to check all your available options whenever you decide to travel. It makes it possible for you to visit your dream destination without going beyond your budget.

When it comes to travelling, airfare tickets can cost a big chunk on the travel budget and getting a savings on airfares is indeed a huge help. Apart from airfare tickets, there are also other travel expenses that you need to cover such as accommodation and food and transportation expenses once you reach your destination. MATRIXFLIGHTS comes handy because it helps you find the most affordable ticket there is.

Terms of Service

Thank you for visiting our website‘the Site’).

Website hosts content, including prices, made available by or obtained from leading travel websites. We don’t sell tickets / bookings / etc. Our web site only allows you to search and compare travel products, but you pay directly to our partner on their web sites. We generate the overview and you go directly to the airline company, travel agency that offers the best fare. This other website is where you book and pay for the flight ticket. At that time you are redirected to our partner and all your further interactions take place with them, not

Your use of is subject to these Conditions of use. If you use us you signify that you agree with these Conditions of Use.

The Site does not provide, own or control any of the travel services and products that you can access through the Site, such as flights, hotel bookings. The Products are owned, controlled or made available by third parties partners either directly (e.g. airline) or as an agent (e.g. online travel agency). The Partners are responsible for the Products. The Partners terms and privacy policies apply to your booking so you must agree to, and understand those terms. Further, the terms of the actual partner (airline, etc.) apply to your travel, so you must also agree to and understand those terms. Your interaction with any partner accessed through the Site is at your own risk and the Site does not take any responsibility should anything go wrong with your booking or during your travel.

The Site is in no way responsible for the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of such content. Since the Site has no control over the products and does not verify the content uploaded by the partners, it is not possible for us to guarantee the prices displayed on the Site. Prices change constantly and additional charges (e.g. payment fees, services charges, checked-in luggage fees, local taxes and fees) may apply, so you should always check whether the price asked for a booking is the one you expected. Some Products may also be sold in another currency than the one preset or chosen by you for the display of the search results. Our currency conversion is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as accurate and real time; actual rates may vary and your payment provider (e.g. your credit card company) may charge conversion fees and apply another date’s currency rate.

If you decide to use a flight connection it is your responsibility to ensure that the transit time at the connection airport will be long enough. You must ensure there will be enough time to; get off the plane, pick up your luggage and check in with your next airline. Arriving flights can be delayed and departing flights can depart before scheduled take-off. International flights close check-in gates earlier than local flights. Security measures, strikes and congestion can affect your transit time. The Site is not responsible if connecting flights do not work out as planned.

Booking is made with the partner named on the booking page and the the Site only acts as a user interface. Accordingly the Site has no responsibility for the booking or the product because the Site has no involvement in creating the description of the product, in defining the price and any fees, and in providing the products-services that you book. If you have any issues or disputes around your booking and/or the product-services, you agree to address and resolve these with the Travel Provider and not with us.

Limitation of Warranty

The Site does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the partners site’s content. The Site is not responsible for any financial loss or loss of any kind that you or others may suffer as a consequence of using the Site. The Site may link to other websites but the Site is not responsible for the content of those websites.

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You represent that you are of sufficient legal age to use the the Site and to create binding legal obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of the use of the the Site. You take full responsibility for your use of the Site. The Site reserves the right to refuse or limit your access to website.

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